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Crating and packing high-value items for multiple recipients and having the items for each person’s order arrive safely and on schedule are guaranteed. We use very unique packing and shipping methods to ensure save arrival of your keepsakes, china, antiques, artwork, etc.

We are sensitive to your needs and understand taking care of customers in their time of need. Based on your scheduling, our service includes an advance appointment for pickup.

Custom Packaging for China Dishes

All of your dishes, bowls and crystal are bubble wrapped and placed in boxes that are all the same size.  Once they arrive back in our crating center, the items are removed and repacked with peanuts around each piece.

All the boxes are placed in a master carton for shipping.  The custom master crate can be a wood crate or our special 350lb double wall test corrugated crate.  Each box is surrounded with one inch thick pieces of Styrofoam for additional protection.

Using this type of packing assures your shipment will arrive safely and all at one time.  Many companies will ship individual boxes that are continually handled one at a time.  When using this type of shipping method, often the shipment will arrive a few cartons at a time instead of ours arriving at one time.

When the decision is made to divide an estate among family members, Craters & Freighters of San Jose is an experienced estate mover that will help you categorize the items and ship them to their destination.

Why Use Craters & Freighters To Pack Your Valuable China

Craters & Freighters of San Jose understands the correct way to do an estate move. We provide an inventory sheet to help identify each destination. The items are then separated into your smaller shipments each going to the designated locations.

Each estate move, large or small, is tagged and inventoried with its own set of documents. You pay only for the weight of each shipment and its crating. This can potentially save you thousands of dollars. Very often, only a few pieces are needed to be shipped to one location and this is not a problem using our wide selection of shipping methods.

Package, crate and ship your valuables with Craters & Freighters of San Jose by Requesting a Quote today!

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